About ECAT

ECAT (English Competency Analytical Test) is an English language assessment blended with International Level competition taken by lakhs of students every year. It assesses the knowledge, understanding and application of skills like reading comprehension, formal and functional grammar, language usage, vocabulary and reasoning.


Some of the features which sets ECAT apart:

    Developed by subject matter experts

    Levels of Test for competitive edge

    Comprehensive study materials for preparation

    Skill wise Analysis of performance

    Cash Awards and Recognition

    Online Practice portal

For Schools

    Division wise/Standard wise analytical reports. (*Kindly find attached sample Reports forreference).

    Awards & Recognition.

    Students getting ready for future competitive tests.

    Exposure to outside syllabus exams to students.

For Students

    Learning Grammar & Comprehension Skills.

    Enhancing Vocabulary.

    Academic Improvement.

    Performance Assessment Report (*Kindly find attached sample Student’s Report for reference).

    Awards & Recognition.

    Free Online Practice Papers.

For Parents

    ECAT makes students ready for higher excellence in English. The preparation, assessment and analysis leads to proficiency and competency development in many ways. Participating in ECAT equips the students well enough to compete and win in school, national and international level competitions. With international competitive benchmarking in place, ECAT is a good starting point for success in IELTS and TOEFL.

ECAT comprehensive performance assessment report not only indicates the proficiency of a student but also displays level of awareness of strengths along with areas of improvement.

ECAT - 12th International English Language Competition


Level 1:
Assessment Round

Students of Grade 2 to Grade 9 can participate.

Students scoring 50% & above will qualify for the Grand Finale. Rest All other students will receive a Certificate of Participation.

Exam Date:

Indian Students: 3rd / 4th / 10th / 11th December 2022 (You will get option to Book Exam slot)

International Students: December 2022 (Exam date will be shared via email)

Result: 45 days after the exam gets over.

Exam Mode:

For Students registered through school: Offline exam in their school.

For Individual Students: Online through NELTAS Portal.


Level 2:
Grand Finale

Students securing 50% and above in the Assessment Round will be qualified for Grand Finale.

There will be an additional 0.5 Negative Marking for every wrong answer.

Exam Date:

For Students registered through School: The School will announce the date.

11th & 12th February 2023 (You will get option to book Exam slot)

Result: 45 days after the exam schedule gets over.

Exam Mode:

For Students registered through School: Offline exam in their School.

For Individual Students: Online through NELTAS Portal.