Your child will walk English, talk English because English is a funny FUN language with Grammar Made Easy!


Say goodbye to grammar struggles! Grammar, the backbone of language, can often be a stumbling block for many children. But imagine you came across a workshop that not only clears your child’s concepts and provides Grammar tricks, but also makes them look forward to learning more! Yes, we have the ideal workshop for your child to make this possible, and much more!

Introducing the online 'Grammar Made Easy' Workshop by NELTAS English Beyond Academics!

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  • 3 hours of interactive learning

  • Interesting tricks to remember concepts

  • Doubt-solving
  • An enjoyable learning experience

Students describe the workshop as "fun and interesting," "enjoyable and more informative than school classes" and "an exciting way to learn". Concerned parents find relief, with one expressing, "My child was eager for more!"

Why Grammar Made Easy?

  • Makes learning grammar fun and interesting

  • Students master sentence structure & parts of speech with ease

  • Interactive activities

  • Allows students to clear their doubts

  • Online Session

  • Affordable pricing

Smoothly navigate the complicated maze of Grammar learning with Grammar Made Easy!

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