A confirmation SMS/Email will be sent on successful registration.

Students will get an access to FREE Sample Online Papers into their NELTAS login post exam registration.

Exam Registration once done, cannot be cancelled, refunded or transferred.

Printed books will be couriered to your address (mentioned during the registration) within 4 days of receipt of Order at your address shared above. It will take 7-8 more days to reach you. A cost will be added towards courier and handling charges. 

EBooks/Online Practice Papers (if purchased) will be activated in your account within 24 hours after successful payment is made.

EBooks/Online Practice Papers has to be accessed/solved ONLINE Only, No physical book/question papers will be couriered, or a PDF file will be sent by email. EBooks/Online Practice Papers can't be downloaded or Printed.

Guidelines, links, schedule of the exam, and other updates will be sent on the registered mobile number/email ID.

This will be an online Proctored Examination where an invigilator will monitor.

Students will get an option to choose the Main/Actual exam slot. Exam Date/time, once selected, cannot be changed.

We strongly recommend using the Laptop/Desktop, having a Webcam/Camera and Mic. Use of Tablet/Mobile phone should be only in case of unavoidable circumstances. 

Exam portal is NOT compatible with iPhone/IPad devices. Do not use these devices.

Exam duration: 60 minutes. Students will get additional time before the exam for the Login related process.

By sharing your mobile number and email ID, you are expressly permitting us to contact you to share important information and updates related to NELTAS.


This will be a remotely monitored/proctored exam. Video/Audio recording and Photo/Screenshot capturing will be done during the exam.

Exam portal requires a minimum bandwidth (speed) of 1 mbps to run online exam for webcam / camera proctored exam.

We strongly recommend using Laptop / Desktop having Webcam / Camera and Mic. Use of Tablet / Mobile phone should be only in case of unavoidable circumstances.

You can attempt exam on the latest version of Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

Mozilla Firefox:

Google Chrome:

Android Mobile/Tablet: Latest version of Chrome Browser. Android OS version 8 and above.

Exam portal is not compatible with iPhone/IPad devices. Do not use these devices.

Exam portal supports Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox web browsers only. Kindly DO NOT use Safari or any other web browsers.


It is strongly recommended that a student attempts the exam using a Desktop / Laptop. Only in unavoidable cases should a student use a Mobile/Tablet to attempt the exam.

We recommend using a desktop/laptop for the online exam as a student will find it more suitable to read the content than a mobile/tablet, where content has a minimal view. This may cause inconvenience to students.

Device must have good internet connectivity, a webcam/camera and Mic and an updated version of Google Chrome/Mozilla Firefox browser. The student will not be able to attempt the exam without these.

Please note video/audio recording, screenshots of your device of your exam may be done. Any deviations to instruction / wrong conduct / unfair methods used during exam may lead to your disqualification from the exam.

Please close all other tabs in your browser and any running applications.

No other person can enter the room while you are attempting the exam. However, for Std. 2 and 3 students – a guardian may help the student only till starting the exam.

The late entry of up to 15 minutes after commencement time of the exam will be permitted. After 15 minutes from the slot start time, the test will be deactivated from your account.


Please keep your Login ID and Password for NELTAS exam (sent by email/SMS) ready at the time of exam. In case you have misplaced / do not have it, please call our support numbers.

You simply need to click or Copy and paste Website Link (Provided in Email/SMS) in the address bar of your browser and hit enter, this will redirect you to the online exam Login page.

On the login screen, enter login ID and Password provided in Email/SMS. Enter Captcha shown in the box. Click on the ‘Start Exam’ Button to Login.

You will see your exam in the list. Read the instructions given on the page and click on the ‘Launch’ button to proceed.

Camera & Microphone Permissions: Once you click on Launch button, you will see a pop-up on the top-left hand corner of your screen, you would be required to allow Microphone and Webcam/camera permissions to the exam system. In case you don’t see that, you can always click on the Video Icon on the top right-hand corner of your screen and share the required permissions.

Since this is a proctored exam, we need to capture your current photo (captured using your webcam/camera). 3 Photos to be captured one after another. Make sure your face is properly visible and placed in front of the camera. Room should be properly lit.

Once proper photos are captured, click on the NEXT button.

Popup will appear asking for permission to monitor you during the exam through the remote proctoring system. Click ‘Proceed’ button.

On the next page, you will see ‘Start Test’ button. Read Exam instructions shown on the page before starting the exam. Clicking this button will start the exam, and 60 minutes timer will also begin.

Browser will switch to full screen mode. It is compulsory to keep browser in full screen mode during the exam.


Student having a conversation during the exam or someone sitting beside the student is strictly not allowed. Not adhering to this may lead to disqualification from the exam.

Make sure your internet is stable with a minimum concurrent speed of 1 mbps throughout the exam.

Do not refresh or close your page or use the back button on your browser [use of power/volume buttons are to be avoided].

If internet connectivity is lost for a few minutes, previous answers selected by you will be saved and the exam can be resumed after internet connectivity is restored.

The room must be as quiet as possible without any background sound, including music or television/radio etc.

Use of phone during the exam is prohibited, except the phone, you are using for attempting the exam.

You may not leave the room during the exam for any reason.

Covering of camera lens is not permitted.

Hold the phone upright, if exam is being taken on Mobile Phones all through the exam to ensure your face visibility.

Students may use Blank Pages and Pencil for Calculation purpose only. Calculators or similar devices are not allowed to be used. NELTAS Proctor may disqualify the student, If found disobeying the rules of the exam.


Time remaining for the test - displayed on the top right corner of the exam window.

Save & Next button - on the bottom right corner of the exam window. Answers will be saved only after clicking on save & next option. You can also navigate between questions by clicking on the respective question number under the question palette on the right side. Choose your desired answer option and click on ‘Save & Next’ button to record your answer in the system. Question number under question palette become green colour when your answer is recorded in the system.

Submit button - on the bottom right corner of the exam window. On mobile browsers you may need to scroll all way to bottom to see submit button. Press this button to Finish and Submit the Exam.

In case questions are not visible completely in your smartphones, you may try using Landscape mode in your smartphone. You may use the left/right and top/bottom slider to view the Picture Comprehension Image in a better way.

Zoom/Image – This button will be visible for picture comprehension image. Click on this button to enlarge the image for a proper view. Click on ‘Back to Question’ button to return to normal view with question.

Overall status of the question, which are colour-coded, as under:

Green for the questions attempted.

Red for the questions visited but not attempted.

White for the questions not visited.


If Student faces connection error, the timer is paused, and responses are saved. When you resume exam after a case of connectivity/shutdown error, please start the exam using the same login details.

Don’t worry, your timer will be paused, you will have your deserved time to complete the exam.

If you can’t see ‘Resume’ option after login again, call our office numbers mentioned on the exam portal for assistance.


Once you are done attempting and reviewing the questions, you can choose to end your exam by clicking the “Submit” button. If the time allotted to your exam is finished, your exam will be auto-completed and submitted.

Clicking on the ‘Submit’ button shows you the summary of your exam. Press YES to continue and finish your exam.

Closing the browser directly without pressing the ‘YES’ button on the summary page, will keep the exam as incomplete.


Std. 2 & 3: 40 Questions. Std. 4 to 9: 50 Questions.

Exam Duration: 60 minutes

There is additional 0.5 negative marking for incorrect answers in Grand Finale Round.

Correct Answer: 2 marks

Wrong Answer: (2.5) marks

Not attempted: (2) marks

Please ensure integrity of the exam is maintained. Any deviations to instruction / wrong conduct / unfair methods used during exam may lead to your disqualification from the exam. The proctor has all the rights to terminate the test in case any unfair practice is observed.

NELTAS management reserves all rights related to the NELTAS exams and their decision will be final. They can change/modify/cancel any process/option at any time by giving prior intimation.