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Why NELTAS Exams?

Grades are just numbers, but skills last a lifetime. With over 12 years of legacy of providing the perfect blend of assessment and competition, NELTAS exams offer:

The Significance of Competitive Exams in Your Child’s Growth

  • Opportunities to explore and advance in subjects of interest. 

  • Exposure to compete on a bigger platform beyond their school. 

  • Confidence boost and preparation for future endeavours. 

  • Enhanced critical thinking, problem-solving and time-management abilities. 

  • The spirit of healthy competition. 


ECAT is an international, skill-based competition that assesses and ensures a strong foundation in English for children in grades 2 to 8.
M-CAT is an international, skill-based competition that assesses and ensures a strong foundation in Maths for children in grades 2 to 8.
S-CAT is an international, skill-based competition that assesses and ensures a strong foundation in Science for children in grades 2 to 8.  


Mrs.Vijaya Radhakrishnan (Headmistress) Vikas High School, English Primary

I am very glad to say that our school has been in contact with NELTAS since so many years . We have found that the language curriculum is updated and adequate enough to enhance English language skills and acquire deep subject knowledge.Its increasing levels further helped our students to excel in their academics and also to get prepared for competitive exams.The examination and assessment system are impartial and provide detailed progress reports of individual children. Thanks to the coordinating team to keep us acquainted with the yearly schedule, right from registration dates to examination dates and special thanks to Ms. Khandelwal for prompt response.The reference books delivery too is on time. The service rendered is truly appreciable."

Neetu Agrawal (HOD English Dept) Rishi Vidya Educational School, Jalna

Dear NELTAS Team It gives me immense pleasure to connect with you wherein I feel your contribution to the enrichment of English as a language is awe-inspiring. The policies which you had during pandemic and the effort to get the things going on even with deeply affected response is an evidence that your institute not at all commercial based. I have even noticed that come what may even for the minutest reasons our calls are being paid heed to (thanks 🙏 to Shankey mam) and immediate solution is sought after. I wish you all the best for your ever-growing future."

Mangeshkumar B Awari (Principal) Saksham School Wardha

It is a wonderful experience to conduct NELTAS ECAT at our Saksham School Wardha . These exams prepare and assess the students to compete in real world through Language Skills Development Programme. My Best Wishes to Team NELTAS for future endeavors."


NELTAS is one of the best known organisations worldwide. My first debut dealing with it was awesome. This reliable, most trusted autonomous body in education sector is redefining the exam standards. Their initiative especially to enhance English Language Learning is unbeatable. The quality is crisp and clearly visible in the tests they organize. Question papers, Answer sheets, OMR sheets and all rest documents come errorlessly printed. Our kids hardly had such quality test. The parcel and courier facility is another quick good. I have tested the examination and evaluation standards that are best to my knowledge. From the date of registration to the date of results team NELTAS was persistent in putting their best efforts. The work and support that I got from NELTAS' coordinating team especially Viral Sumariya was outstanding and unique. I would recommend all educational institutes to opt NELTAS for enhancing their kids in linguistic skills. I give my best wishes and regards."

Hemant Gholap (School Coordinator) Kukadi Valley Public School, Pune

It was one of the best ever experience to conduct such examinations.....The content was good and it's helpful for the students to enrich their competencies."

Mr. Riyasat Ali (School Coordinator) Uma Devi Children's Academy Gola, Kheri

On behalf of the entire team of Uma Devi Children's Academy, Gola, Kheri, I would like to express our sincere admiration for your's outstanding work. We appreciate everything that you have provided us for the enhancement of students skill in English language. The endless time you have given us, and the professionalism you have shown has motivated the entire management team immensely. We pride ourselves on your work and dedication to making my students a great success. As always, we are counting for your institution to go the extra mile. I shall be really thankful to Pradnya Mam for her commendable job. I wish you all the best for your great future."

Pooja Mehra (School Coordinator) Young Scholar Public School - Punjab

Would like to thank you for your timely support, cooperation and most important thing your process is very good. Exam really went very well and smooth. Students had also enjoyed."

Vandana Sharma (School Coordinator) DRV DAV Centenary Public School - Punjab

First Assessment Round was completed very well with the kind support of NELTAS officials. Moreover, test material was well organised and students friendly. On the whole it was a good experience for teachers and students."

Minnie Kotwal (School Coordinator) Udayachal High school

We have been associated with NELTAS since last 6 years. We have seen a spurt of growth among the students participating in NELTAS ECAT Test over these years. Their formal, functional grammar and comprehension skills have definitely improved. Students have been performing extremely well bringing laurels to the schools each year. Kudos to the NELTAS TEAM who have made this venture for the school and students a memorable one, be it their well graded books, packaging, certificates, medals, trophies, up-to-date records & an ever friendly staff and management."

Mrs. JALPA BANDEKAR (School Coordinator) Bhavans A H Wadia High School

Content is too good, very challenging and interesting. The team has worked very hard in packing the books as per students name and standard, making it easy for us to distribute, thus saving a lot of time. We get quick solutions and responses from NELTAS pertaining to registrations or avaiability of books. Whether we talk about books or content, they are very systematically organised and prepared. NELTAS deserves a 5 star."

Marina Madam (School Coordinator) Don Bosco High School, Borivali

The NELTAS exams conducted in our school is one of the best. The books and the content are superbly designed according to the child's level. Services provided by them are very systematic and mind blowing. Children and parents appreciate the way the exams are conducted and the way prizes given to deserving winners and participants. it provides excellent learning with fun. It is one of the most trustworthy exams, always sytematic and genuine. NELTAS is known to be a superb organisation conducting ECAT exam."

Ms. S. Krishna Priya (School Coordinator) Vidyalakshmi Senior Secondary School - Vellore

I have been involved with a good numbers of competitions in my teaching career but, I have not come across your kind of work, that too for an examination that is conducted free of cost. Hast off to your whole team. The way you had sent the books itself gave me an insight about your organisation. Its's meticulous work. There's compliment from the primary class teachers. They actually liked your material so much that they want to use it in the regular curriculum."

Dr. Vaishali Thakkar (Parent) LEAP Programme

Hi, I am Dr. Vaishali Thakkar, a Dietician, my child’s name is Divyana Thakkar. She is in grade 4 now. She has been doing LEAP program from NELTAS for two years. The reason for joining the program was lack of interest in writing. Being an avid reader, she loves the language, but she would want to avoid it and express verbally when it comes to writing. I thank Shilpa Mam to understand her and lead her to develop and motivate her to write in a play-way method. The activities done offline classes are too useful and engaging, so earlier, I thought two hrs at a stretch for grammar class would be too bad for the child, but she comes back enriched and happy, which is truly a reward. The curriculum is well defined and inclusive be it reading, grammar and writing skills. We are in really comfortable space here with our extended family member Shilpa mam. Thanks for all."

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Compulsory Module

Compulsory Module

Mathematics for Business (FINU9M1) - 20credit

Option Module

Our Blue Planet (AQUU1BP) - 20credit
Introduction to Cell Biology (BIOU1CB) - 20credit
Ecology: An Introduction (BIOU1EC) - 20credit

Compulsory Module

Compulsory Module

Mathematics for Business (FINU9M1) - 20credit

Option Module

Compulsory Module

Compulsory Module

Mathematics for Business (FINU9M1) - 20credit

Option Module