About S-CAT

S-CAT (Science Competency Analytical Test) is a Science assessment platform in lines with the International Competitions. It assesses the knowledge, understanding and application of skills like critical thinking, problem-solving, analytical thinking, quantitative reasoning and time management.

S-CAT provides an opportunity to the students to assess their learning. They become more aware of their knowledge, understanding and effective usage of resources to learn a particular concept.

The scientific skills like investigative work, obtaining and presenting evidence, making predictions, make conclusions from collected data, including those presented in a graph, chart or spreadsheet, using information from secondary sources and presenting conclusions using different methods are tested.

This examination is conducted for the students of grades 2 to 8.


What Sets S-CAT Apart:

    Developed by subject matter experts

    Blend of Assessment and International Competition

    The core focus on learning and understanding

For Schools

    Help teachers identify areas of understanding and misunderstanding amongst students

    Encourage the student with awards and recognition

    Making students ready for future competitive exams

    Expose the students to external syllabus exams

    Help students in academic improvement

For Students

    Identify areas of understanding and misunderstanding in Science

    Transform misunderstanding into significant learning

    Academic Improvement

    Receive awards and recognition

    Free Online Practice Papers

S-CAT – Science Competency Analytical Test


Grand Finale

Top 3 Rankers: They will be awarded with a Trophy + Ranker E-Certificate

Achievers: Students scoring 85% and above will be awarded with an Achievers E-Certificate

Merit: Students scoring 70% and above will be awarded with an Merit E-Certificate

Rest all students will be awarded with an Participation E-Certificate

Exam Mode: Online

Slot booking for the exam will start from 12th April, 2021

Exam Date: Between 17th April and 30th April, 2021

There will be additional 0.5 Negative Marking for every wrong answer.

Result Date: 30 Days after the exam date