Importance of Teacher in child's development

NELTAS believes in the power of learning to empower every individual across the globe with the required skills and transform their lives. We fulfil this promise of holistic and personalized learning through the integration of powerful instructional resources, systematic assessments, student data that inform instruction, and technology platforms.

For all our solutions, our instructors are backed by a well-defined curriculum that prepares and equips them to confidently enter classrooms and teach the concept. Our trainers are experts in language and teaching methodologies, with experience that is blended with enthusiasm and passion for experiential learning. The learning in the classroom is outcome oriented with predefined goals that are set in coherence with the grade appropriate standards.

NELTAS Teacher Empowerment Program

Our advisory board members, Ms. Bhuvaneshwari Raman conducted a training program for the teachers and admin department on Team building and Effective communication skills in one of our associate schools. The day long workshop was conducted in the leading boarding school.

The Heritage Girls School in Udaipur with peacocks dancing in the background and birds chirping right through the day. The workshop had a lot of hands on activities to help the team come together to understand each other strength areas and leverage them. The importance of listening clarity in communication, working together and collaborating was emphasized through the activities. The various components of effective communication, verbal and non-verbal were emphasized through games, activities and role plays. It was a power packed session as mentioned by the participants. Sharing a few pictures and videos of the session.